The Society's constitution provides for three categories of membership.

Ordinary membership is open to a person who holds a statutory appointment as a State Coroner or Coroner under and act of one of the Australian jurisdictions relating to coroners, or who holds an ex officio appointment as a coroner pursuant to an act relating to coroners or an act relating to the appointment of judicial office. 

Associate membership is open to any person who, in the opinion of the executive of the Society, is engaged in a profession, occupation or field of study relevant to coronership and has shown a particular interest in coronership. 

Honorary membership may be offered to a person who the Executive considers has made a special contribution to an aspect of coronership, forensic medicine or forensic science. The four Honorary members so far admitted are Mr Kevin Waller, Mr Hal Hallenstein, Mr David McCann and Mr Derrick Hand. 


Application for Membership


Membership Fee – AUD$50