Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, 1—4 October 2003

Mental Health Matter — Dr Anthony Duncan

Bali Presentation — Dr Clive Cooke

Lessons from Celebrity Deaths — Dr Clive Cooke

Trauma & Injury — The Benefits of Standardizing Injury Descriptors  —  Christine Allsopp

Drug Related Deaths  —  Dr Nerida A Smith

Illicit Drug Overdose
Research: Elizabeth Morgan
Supervisor: Dr Nerida A Smith

Injury Analysis Issues

Role of the Coroners

Notification of Hospital Deaths Synopsis  —  Richard McElrea

Poison Centre  — Dr Wayne A Temple

Rough Red

Fundamental Review of Coroners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland — Evolution of Revoultion  —  Selena Lynch

Trauma Injury by James A J (Rex) Ferris

Investigative Agencies and the Coroners Court